Don’t forget Smith!

The Blue Ridge is home to a vibrant musky fishery, and we obviously put a ton of emphasis on that throughout the season, but there is a boat load of action to be had between the dams! Smith Mountain Lake has played host to a booming striper fishery since the late seventies, a virtual playground for a 20 something foot center console or skiff, with 530+ miles of shoreline you can literally get lost in search of the pull. The product of two rivers and dozens of smaller tributaries, Smith offers diverse habitat and ample depth to support a booming bait population which in turn, well you know. Striper fishing techniques can be as diverse as the underwater landscape where we target them, you have the tried and true method of live bait fishing , rigged in a variety of ways, vertical jigging on huge schools and busting birds( which we also do with flies, hmmmmm, is what you’re probally thinking), topwater busting mayhem when anything with a hook is on tap, just about anything you want. Roll all that up with a couple real fishy Captains, now you’re talking!

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Winter in full swing

IMG_14360553490076                                                  It’s almost February,and the boys are in high gear floating,and power drifting the mountain rivers we call home. Dreamers,hopeless optimists, and ambitious anglers alike are up early and out late, on the hunt for the king of the river,the top dawg,the mighty musky. Whether you hunt with carefully crafted flies made of the finest feathers and bucktail or you’re partial to heaving handmade wood plugs dressed with some of the sexiest paint jobs in town, winter time is a damn good time to be an angler in Virginia.

Interested,intrigued? Seasoned musky angler looking to expand your range? New to the affliction and looking to learn? If you answered yes to any of those questions then you my friends are in the right spot, the guides at Rock On Charters are hard at work, sharpening our hooks and our gameplan to maximize that chance at a trophy class fish. The river is calling, the only thing missing is you!